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Half Truths: Everything Happens for a Reason

This is the first of a series of sermons that Russ is calling Half Truths, looking at some of the things that we often say  simple phrases that we often use to guide our lives.  And they may even sound Christian   like something you might find in the Bible – that we haven’t carefully examined. They sound true or at least capture some element of truth.   But yet, when we look at them closely, often they miss the point in important ways.  That’s why we call them half truths.    

In this sermon we look at the phrase “everything happens for a reason.”  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  

But we need to be very clear:  Not everything happens for a reason. Not everything makes sense in this world. We encounter senseless tragedy and violence every day. Things happen to us and to people we love, and we may never understand why. But those tragedies, those sufferings, they are not the end of the story. 

Romans 8:18-28

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