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Fierce: Who's Naked Now?

The story of Rahab is an important piece in the history of Israel taking over the city of Jericho as they moved into the Promised Land.  The part of the story that we tend to focus  on, however, is the idea that she was a prostitute and how beautiful she was.  Most interesting thing about Rahab has nothing to do with looks or profession.  

All too often our culture views women as objects of our affection rather than complex people with feelings, wants, and needs of their own.  

What we see about Rahab is that her life is not easily defined.  She was complex. She was not just a prostitute.  She was not just a hero. She was not just a body.  She was smart, cunning, and faithful.  Her story is part of an epic narrative about how to be human to one another.

Note: at one point in the sermon, portions of a video clip is shown.  The video, in its entirety, can be viewed here.  

Joshua 2:1-15

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