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as a Disciples of Christ congregation FCC Concord celebrates the Lord's Supper each and every Sunday with everyone welcome at the tableMusic is important and celebrated at FCC Concord, with a blend of styles from contemorary band to traditional organ music
Senior Minister Rev. Dr. Russ PetermanAs an "Open and Affirming" congregation everyone is welcome regardless of ethnic or racial heritage, gender, ability, sexual orientation and economic or political status

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FCC Concord is an inclusive, loving community of faith and justice, seeking, celebrating, and serving Christ through open minds, committed hearts, and willing hands.

Sunday morning worship
at 9:00am and 11:00am

Nursery provided for both services,
Children's church provided at 11:00am

First Christian Church is located at 3039 Willow Pass Road in Concord, between Port Chicago Highway and Olivera Road.
Phone: 925-685-7503
Email: info@concordfcc.net

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Lent 2014: Every. Day. Sacred.

This year First Christian Church borrows its theme for Lent from a new book in the Fellowship of Prayer devotional series put out by Chalice Press, this year written by Disciples pastor and author Julie Richardson Brown.

In the book Brown shares how last July she bit into a fresh cucumber, just picked off the vine in backyard. It was crisp and tasted a little bit like the very first gently falling rain of a perfect April. It was such a simple thing. So ordinary. And yet the entire act of harvesting, washing and then eating it felt like prayer. In that moment she thought, “This… This is what it means to make space in our hearts for that which is holy. This is what the words, ‘Create in me a clean heart,’ might mean. This is the deep goodness of life as breathed into us by our Creator.”

Brown invites us on the journey through Lent to discover the sacred in the small things we do and see. Something as ordinary as hanging clothes on a clothesline becomes an act of devotion if we pay attention to what we are doing and take time to attend to the sights, smells, and sounds around us. Making eye contact with the cashier at the grocery store becomes a moment of true human connection. As we open our hearts to all that is around us, we begin to discover moments of sacred grace everywhere we go, in nearly everything we do.

Russ Peterman’s sermons during Lent will be based upon some of the themes Brown’s book, as together we seek the sacred in the ordinary and discover in them moments of extraordinary grace.

Copies of Brown’s book are available through www.chalicepress.com as an electronic download.

In addition, we have put together a Lenten calendar, with ideas and invitations for every day during the sacred season. You can download it here.

:: a new day

We understand that some in California don't believe that God's love is big enough to welcome gays and lesbians. But we believe it is. We believe that God does love everyone, and that's why we welcome everyone, regardless of ethnic or racial heritage, gender, ability, sexual orientation, or economic or political status.

We are thrilled that the Supreme Court has let a lower court's decision stand overturning Proposition 8, and that California now fully supports the marriages of committed people in loving relationships.

And now that the State of California issues marriage licenses to couples regardless of sexual orientation, we are continuing to perform gay and lesbian weddings in our sanctuary -- as we have always done -- because we believe that all marriages are sacred in the eyes of God.

If you would like to have your wedding in a church that believes and demonstrates that all are welcome, please contact us at 925-685-7503 or at info@concordfcc.net.


Click here for further information or here for a pdf copy of our 2008 press release issued when Proposition 8 passed.


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At First Christian Church Concord we don't just believe in diversity — we embody it.

Among us, on any given Sunday, you will find both young and old, straight and gay, black and white, people with faith to move mountains and folks visiting this crazy thing called "church" for the first time — and virtually everything in between! We welcome you to come and see what it's like when a church goes beyond acceptance to affirmation — when people go beyond talking about God to living out the love of Jesus in their lives.

In this community of faith there is a variety of opinions, but UNITY in our quest for an intimate and authentic relationship with the Divine.

Join us this Sunday and discover for yourself what being part of a dynamic community of faith feels like.

Welcome to everyone! We hope you find peace and uplift in our worship.

Widening our Welcome

We are gratefully accepting online donations to our "Widening Our Welcome" campaign! To create your secure personal profile and begin giving online, simply click here.