Mexico Mission team to build for the Melendes Paniagua family

On Saturday our Mexico Mission participants will embark on their week-long mission trip.

They just received the info about their home build assignment. AMOR gave them this site because of an urgent need request from the mayor of Tijuana. There is a group of houses in a community near the border that were burned down recently and our group, along with a few others from camp are going to be rebuilding their home and the other homes in their community. Word has it the mayor may visit one of the days.

They'll be building for the Melendes Paniagua Family. There are six of them, all adults, living off of $66/week.

Pictured is the mother, Maria, who is 76.

Please hold the Melendes Paniagua family, as well as the Mexico Mission participants, in your thoughts and prayers over the next week!

The Adventures of "Flat Jesus"

“Flat Jesus” was created from the basis of a children’s book called Flat Stanley, (written by Jeff Brown). In the book, a boy named Stanley becomes flattened and is able to be mailed to different places, having all kinds of exciting adventures. 

“Flat Jesus” is a way to keep our church family connected as we enter into the summer traveling season. Color “Flat Jesus” and take him with you as you travel…or to whatever you do this summer. Take a picture of him doing lots of different things: going out to dinner, having fun at the beach or the mountains, hanging out with friends or cousins, or whatever you are doing! It will be an amazing adventure! It is a great way to remember that Jesus is always with us, wherever we go. And it just might start up a conversation with someone about what you are doing…and why! 


1. Take a printed “Flat Jesus” from the narthex or the office, or print out the template here.

2. Decorate your “Flat Jesus.” Be creative! You can make one for yourself and one for a friend!

3. Take him with you everywhere you go. Take a picture of him doing different things (going out to dinner, vacationing, camping, and being with friends/family). 

When you have taken photos of “Flat Jesus,” you can share your “Flat Jesus” pictures:

1. By emailing photos to or texting them to Russ or Sarah (call the office for the number if you don't have it)

2. By uploading your picture directly to the church's Facebook page:  Share on Twitter with @ConcordFCC
Add the hashtag #FlatJesus

It will be so exciting to see where Jesus is on the move this summer as you share your adventures!  It is a great way to remember that Jesus is always with us wherever we go. And it just might start up a conversation with someone about what you are doing and why.

Join us for the Annual Gathering of the CCNC/N

163rd Annual Gathering
of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Northern California-Nevada
April 28-29
First Christian Church in Concord.

The theme of the Gathering is “We Come Together at the Table” and the scripture text we are using is Romans 14:1-4 from The Message
Our preachers are Bishop Yvette Flunder, pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ in Oakland and Dr. Mary Donovan Turner, Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Carl Patton Professor of Preaching at Pacific School of Religion.
To register for the event, click here

To sign up to volunteer to help host this event, please complete the form below.

Event Schedule

Thursday April 27
2:00–6:00pm: Regional Clergy Gathering-Meet with Regional Minister Dr. LaTaunya Bynum and other Regional Staff to discuss vision for the future of CCNC-N
Location Lafayette Christian Church, 584 Glenside Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549-5318

Friday April 28
12:00–2:30pm: Pre–session–Facilitated book discussion of Dr. William Barber’s The Third Reconstruction (Lunch Served)
Please read the book prior to attending this Pre–Session.

3:00pm: Registration at First Christian Church in Concord
Hotel Check In / Hospitality begins at FCC Concord

5:00–6:00pm: Dinner at FCC Concord

6:15pm: Gathering and Singing in Sanctuary

6:30pm: Announcements/Welcome to the Gathering in Sanctuary

7:00–8:30pm: Opening Worship in Sanctuary
Speaker: Bishop Yvette Flunder

9:00–10:30pm: Fellowship at Crowne Plaza Suites

Saturday April 29
8:00–9:00am: Breakfast at FCC Concord

9:00am: Gathering, Singing, and Announcements in Sanctuary

9:30 am: Worshipping and Working Together (Formerly known as the Business Session)
Speaker: Rev. Dr. LaTaunya Bynum, Regional Minister

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00–2:00pm: Circle of Inquiry—All Assembly
Facilitators: Member of the Justice Commission

2:00–3:30pm: Workshop Sessions

3:45pm: Gathering, Singing, and Announcements in Sanctuary

4:00–5:30pm: Closing Worship
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Mary Donovan Turner

I can help!

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Phone *
I can help with: *

Holy Week and Easter Services

Holy Week is one of the biggest, most important weeks of the Christian year! 

Palm Sunday
April 9, 10a

We enter as Jesus did, with songs and palms. Soon, the cheering stops and the path to the cross truly begins. Join us as we are challenged by where this path leads us today. We soon realize the true meaning of the path to the cross as we remember how it shapes our lives today.


Maundy Thursday
Passover Seder Dinner

April 13, 6:30p

This year to celebrate Maundy Thursday, we’ll be gathering for a Passover Seder Dinner.  The Seder is the joyful family dinner and worship service, which is held in Jewish homes on Passover and the meal that Christ shared with his Apostles at the Last Summer.

Join us for a meaningful meal that will give you new insight into the final hours of Jesus and Easter. This simple and holy meal is appropriate for all ages.  For more info, click here.


Good Friday Service
April 14, 12noon
St. Bonaventure Catholic Church

All are invited to gather for an ecumenical Good Friday Service on April 14 at noon at St. Bonaventure Church (5562 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94521).  Russ will be one of the pastors sharing a reflection on the Seven Last Words of Christ.

April 16, 9a & 11a

Join us as we celebrate one of the biggest days of the Christian year as we celebrate Easter!  

We'll have two services that morning, at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., with an Easter Egg Hunt between services.

They will be great music and much to celebrate.  Russ' sermon on that day will be entitled, "See What Love Can Do."  

Mark your calendars and invite your friends and family to join us as we celebrate the Risen Christ! You'll not want to miss it.  

Lenten Sermon series

Doubt:   A Sign of Faith and Life

When we think of the disciple Thomas in the gospel stories, what comes to mind?  What is he most often called? Doubting Thomas. The one who didn't believe like the others. The one who wondered; who questioned. Over and over, in countless sermons and Bible studies, Thomas is typically portrayed as the one we shouldn't be like. The one who didn't get it. The one who was right there with Jesus and still didn't believe. The one we should be cautious of becoming.

But what if Thomas had the right idea all along? What if his honesty is something to be emulated? That a better name for him is Honest Thomas?

There's a message in this simple story that needs reframing, not only for us personally but also for the wider church.  

The message that has been engrained into so many of us is that at the first sign of doubt or questions that challenge formerly held beliefs we enter into to a place of "Something must be wrong with my faith, or, more importantly, wrong with me."  But what if doubt is not the opposite of faith, but rather a very important part of it?

The philosopher Voltaire says, "Doubt is uncomfortable, certainty is ridiculous."  Yet, so many Christian systems rely on the false comfort of certainty and do whatever they can to buoy themselves against doubt.

But yet the giants of the faith doubted.  We all doubt.  To say different is to be inauthentic. In this Lenten series, we’ll hear from some of the most influential theological voices of our time and what they have to say how their faith has been formed and shaped through times of doubt.

Join us as we struggle with -- and grow through -- our doubts during this sacred season of Lent.

Get Connected! Small Group interest survey

At the recent congregational meeting, Russ Peterman, our pastor, laid out his ministry emphasis for our congregation in the year ahead.  One of the main elements he put forth was the call for us to find ways to engage with one another outside of the Sunday morning worship hour. 

He pointed out that people who eat chocolate together live longer than those who eat broccoli alone.  Relationships with God and with others make a huge difference in our lives.

So as we work to create small groups and activities, we want to know what interests you?  What types of things would you like to be a part of?

We’ve put together a short, online survey to see what piques people’s interests.  You can take this survey – which will only take you a few minutes to complete – by clicking here.  We’ll use the results of this survey to formulate small group options in the coming days.

Thanks so much for your willingness to be a part of a community of faith that understands that we are all a part of one another, and that our lives are better when we share it with others.

Lenten Study Series to Begin

During the season of Lent, Rev. Dr. Russ Peterman will be leading a study series on Thursday evenings looking at Diana Butler Bass’s book, Grounded: Finding God in the World-A Spiritual Revolution.  This book observes and reports a radical change in the way many people understand God and how they practice faith, and invites us to participate in this emerging spiritual revolution.

Bass unpacks how people are finding new spiritual ground by discovering and embracing God everywhere in the world around us—in the soil, the water, the sky, in our homes and neighborhoods, and in the global commons. Faith is no longer a matter of mountaintop experience or institutional practice; instead, people are connecting with God through the environment in which we live. Grounded guides readers through our contemporary spiritual habitat as it points out and pays attention to the ways in which people experience a God who animates creation and community.

This group will meet Thursday evenings, March 9 – April 6 @ 7p in the Plambeck Room.  Copies of the book will be available for purchase for $10.   Email Russ with questions or to sign up by completing the form below.

Name *
I will need a copy of the book *

Wheels of Compassion: Update #1

Hope & Scott Attenhofer Riding for Disaster Relief and Recovery

Our own Rev. Hope and Scott Attenhofer have begun their incredibly journey riding their bicycles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL to raise funds and awareness for the domestic disaster responses of Week of Compassion, our denomination's arm for disaster response and humanitarian aid. Through this ride they hope to raise $25,000 for Week of Compassion!

This fundraising ride, which they are calling Wheels of Compassion, will take them through several states that have been affected by severe storms and fires over the past few years - from wildfires in California and floods in Texas, to tornadoes in Mississippi and hurricanes in Florida. As they ride through these places, Hope and Scott plan to share the stories of how Week of Compassion is here in times of need.

They left San Diego on Monday, Feb 13, and as of today, Thursday, they have left California and are making their way through Arizona!

We invite you to follow Hope and Scott's journey at or on their Facebook page,

Go Hope and Scott!  You are in our prayers!

An Invitation to Help Family in Need

Our dear, sweet Maria, a precious 4-year-old in our congregation, is back in the hospital battling her 3rd case of meningitis in the last 14 months. With an upcoming surgery and 21 day course of IV antibiotics, she'll be there at least three weeks.

A family friend has started a GoFundMe page to help offset some of the costs they have accrued (and will continue to accrue in the next several weeks).  You can visit this page and donate here.

The church will also be helping the family through our Helping Hands fund.  If you'd like to contribute to that fund, please make checks out to First Christian Church with Helping Hands in the memo line (but please don't list the family's name anywhere on the check).

Here's a tangible way that you can support this wonderful family in the midst of these difficult times.  

Thank you for your generosity and your prayers!

Over 400 People Attend the Health Care Town Hall

We were thrilled to be able to host a Health Care Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Multi-Faith Action Coalition and the #OneContraCosta coalition on Saturday, January 28 that brought together people committed to preserving quality health care for all.  Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and Retired Congressman George Miller, along with Contra Costa County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, joined the #OneContraCosta movement to fight the current threat of the dismantling of our health care system. The #OneContraCosta coalition and Contra Costa County are leading the way by creating long-term solutions for all residents, regardless of immigration status, to have access to a primary care. Yet, thousands of Californians are at jeopardy of losing their health care coverage, which can possibly put thousands without preventative care services.  

See the story covered by KRON4 News here.  

Over 400 people committed to to preserving quality health care for all attended this event! 

If you missed it, but want to hear how you can get involved, the event will be rebroadcasted on CCTV (Comcast channel 27, Astound channel 32, and AT&T U-verse channel 99) at the following times:
Sunday, Feb 12 at 6p
Monday, Feb 13 at 10a
Wednesday, Feb 15 at 1p
Sunday, Feb 19 at 6p
Monday, Feb 20 at 10a
Wednesday, Feb 22 at 1p


Wheels of Compassion: Hope & Scott Attenhofer Riding for Disaster Relief and Recovery

Two cyclists, 3 thousand miles, 50 days, one prayer: to promote compassionate presence in the wake of disasters.

Beginning next month, our own Rev. Hope  and Scott Attenhofer will be riding their bicycles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL to raise funds and awareness for the domestic disaster responses of Week of Compassion, our denomination's arm for disaster response and humanitarian aid. They were inspired by Week of Compassion's commitment to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery support. Through this ride they hope to raise $25,000 for Week of Compassion!

Their fundraising ride, Wheels of Compassion, will take them through several states that have been affected by severe storms and fires over the past few years - from wildfires in California and floods in Texas, to tornadoes in Mississippi and hurricanes in Florida. As they ride through these places, Hope and Scott plan to share the stories of how Week of Compassion is here in times of need.

Hope has said when she rides, it is like prayer. The rhythms of her pedaling, the rushing sound of wind, and the steady movement onward are meditative. "I ride with intention," she says, finding that in the solitude of a ride, she feels deeply connected to God and to others. On this ride, as they make their way across the southern United States, Hope and Scott carry in prayer and intention the thousands of people affected by disasters every year in the United States.

As Hope and Scott undertake this journey, we celebrate the ways we, as church, are able to be here for each other and for our communities - by our gifts, by our prayers, and sometimes by our bikes. We invite you to follow Hope and Scott's journey at  You can also donate to their campaign at this link!

Go Hope and Scott!  You'll be in our prayers!

Christian Women's Fellowship to Hold a Diaper Drive

In conjunction with the Christian Church in Northern California/Nevada's Disciples Women, the Christian Women's Fellowship of FCC Concord is starting a month-long disposable diaper drive.  The diapers collected will be given to local organizations who serve low-income families, many of whom spend over $100 a month for each child wearing diapers (about 6 per day).  This is a great stress on an already small budget.  In addition, food stamps can't be used to purchase diapers!

You can help out either by purchasing diapers, or if you'd like to make a financial donation, CWF will purchase diapers through, which has an inexpensive way to buy diapers.

Checks should be made out to Christian Women's Fellowship with 'Diaper Drive' in the memo line.  

There will be a table in the Narthex to deposit diapers and monetary donations.  If you have any questions, please contact Cecelia Ambach, 925-687-9531.

Church to Host Town Hall Meeting on Preserving Health Care for All

We are thrilled to host an event on Saturday, January 28 from 10:30a - 12n that will bring together people committed to preserving quality health care for all.  Present at this meeting with be Congressman Mark DeSalunier and recently retired Congressman George Miller, as well as Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, among many others.

Come be a part of a statewide movement to find out how we can work together to ensure that all residents are covered and have access to life-saving health care.

Please join us!


In addition, we'll be looking for volunteers to help host this event.  If you are interest and able to help out, please complete the following form to let us know we can count on you!

I can Help!

Name *

Dismantling Racism Workshop Wonderful Success

We had over 43 people show up -- physically, emotionally and spiritually -- for our Dismantling Racism Workshop on Sunday, November 20. We spent four hours going deeper into our exploration around racism. It was hard, difficult, sometimes painful work, but also enlightening and hopeful. A huge thanks to our facilitators for this event, Rev. Shayne Flowers and Rev. Bentley Stewart of the Reconciliation Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), who did a tremendous job in leading us and engaging us in these essential conversations. 

This is just the beginning, but a great initial step.

Watch for news soon on our next steps in this process.  

Church to Participate in Winter Nights Program

For the 9th year, we will participate in the Winter Nights shelter program, an interfaith program that provides a warm place to sleep for up to 30 homeless family members in the East Bay. 

We will be co-hosting with the Lafayette United Methodist Church which means that we will be providing dinners and after school activities for four nights.
Please check your calendar. We will need volunteers to help prepare the dinner for the evening of November 21, 25, 26 and 27.
Contact Diane Maltester if you are interested in supporting this program.

Advent Sermon series: Unwrapped

Unwrapped: The Surprising Gifts of Advent

The theme for this Advent season is “Unwrapped.”  We will focus on some surprising gifts that come to us if we are able to be patient, still, and pay attention.  

Traditionally, when we think of Advent we immediately call to mind Mary, Joseph, and the angel Gabriel.  But in the Gospel of Luke, Zechariah and Elizabeth are the first two people we meet in the Advent narrative.  They’ll be our guides in this journey through Advent and will teach us about the living in the pain of unanswered prayers, the power of silence and simplicity, the blessing of life-giving relationships, and the promise of God to make a way, even when it seems no way is to be found.  

Nov 27
Unanswered Prayer
Luke 1: 5-7

Dec 4   
Silence and Simplicity
Luke 1: 8-23

Dec 11   
A Sense of Belonging
Luke 1: (26-38) 39-45, 56

Dec 18    
The Promises of God
Luke 1: 57-64 (67-80)