New Sermon Series

New Sermon Series

What If?

Three Questions to Transform Your Relationships

A few years ago Russ did a sermon series called, What If?  It was based upon a blog post written by Donald Miller entitled The Single Most Powerful Question You Can Ask. He started out by explaining that novelists, to write an interesting story, must ask themselves What if?

What if a boy and a runaway slave floated down the Mississippi? for instance.

Throughout the story, the writer must continue to ask the question any time the plot stalls. What if they found themselves in the middle of a feud? What if they met up with some con men? What if Tom Sawyer showed up?

Miller's assertion is that, as with plotting a story, asking What if? is just the thing to add excitement to your real life. Things gotten stagnant? Advance your own plot. Ask yourself What if?

In that original series, we looked at how asking the What If? question can impact our faith, and even our church.  This time around we’ll look at three What If? questions that may help transform our relationships and move them forward in hopeful, exciting ways.

Nov 8                      
What If We Are All in this Together?
Mark 9: 33-37

Nov 15                   
What If Relationships are Meant to Be Enjoyed, Not Fixed?
Ruth 1: 16-17

Nov 22                   
What If YOU are a Gift to Others the Way They are a Gift to You?
Psalm 139: 13-1