New Sermon Series: Faith, Hope & the Force

The struggle between good and evil, the hope of a new day, a sense of awe and wonder. Themes of sacrifice, denial of self, and mystery. All are present in the life and ministry of Jesus and the largest grossing movie series of all time, Star Wars.

Our first sermon series of 2016 will look at the early life and ministry of Jesus according to the Gospel of Luke with the backdrop of similar themes from Star Wars.

Jan 10            
Looking for a Larger World
Luke 2:41-52          

Jan 17            
The Force is Strong With This One
Luke 3:15-22

Jan 24            
Living in the Power of a Larger World
Luke 4:1-13

Jan 31            
The Unexpected Twist
Luke 4:31-44

Feb 7             
Finding Your Fellow Travelers
Luke 5:1-11