SHARE receives $2500 grant through the Bridge Club!

As you know, this summer we began renting our Fellowship Hall to the Contra Costa Bridge Center, the local branch of the American Contract Bridge League.

As their members played their bridge games, they noticed people walking on campus empty-handed and leaving with bags of food. Curious, they discovered that SHARE, our resident food pantry, was doing wonderful work making sure that hungry residents of Contra Costa County had enough food.

But one of their members took it a step further. 

It turns out that each year, the American Contract Bridge League gives grants to charitable organizations. This member put together a proposal extolling the terrific job that SHARE was doing, the local bridge club board approved it unanimously and sent it to the district for their consideration, and SHARE was selected to receive a grant of $2500!

But it gets even better: the grants are normally given out in January, but our local club convinced the folks distributing the grants that SHARE would be able to make sure that their clients would be able to have nice holiday meals if they received the grant early.

So on Saturday, October 1, members of the Bridge Club board of directors, representatives of SHARE, and members of our Admin and Ministry Councils met in the Fellowship Hall to celebrate this generous grant!

Also, SHARE informed us that because of the agreements they have with various organizations, they only pay 18-cents per pound of food. That means that this grant could pay for more than 13,000 pounds of food for needy families!

We join both the Bridge Club and SHARE in celebrating this wonderful and generous grant that will go a long way towards helping hungry families in our community!!!