Upcoming Sermon Series: Jesus is the Question

Some say that Jesus is the answer to all of our questions.  They may be right.  But before that is the case, Jesus is something different.  He is the one who asks the questions – hundreds of them, it turns out.  

Like many people today, his early followers wanted answers, and simple ones at that.  Instead, they got so much more.  Jesus refuses to dole out pat answers to life’s hard questions.  Rather, Jesus asks provocative questions to evoke new understandings and change lives.

In this series we'll pay attention to a few of the questions Jesus asks us -- and what they imply about following him.

Aug 7                       
What Are You Looking For? 
John 1: 29-42

Aug 14                    
Do You See This Woman?  
Luke 7: 36-50

Aug 21                    
Why Are You Afraid? Have you Still No Faith? 
Mark 4: 35-41

Aug 28                    
“Do You Want to Be Made Well?”
John 5: 2-9