Wheels of Compassion: Hope & Scott Attenhofer Riding for Disaster Relief and Recovery

Two cyclists, 3 thousand miles, 50 days, one prayer: to promote compassionate presence in the wake of disasters.

Beginning next month, our own Rev. Hope  and Scott Attenhofer will be riding their bicycles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL to raise funds and awareness for the domestic disaster responses of Week of Compassion, our denomination's arm for disaster response and humanitarian aid. They were inspired by Week of Compassion's commitment to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery support. Through this ride they hope to raise $25,000 for Week of Compassion!

Their fundraising ride, Wheels of Compassion, will take them through several states that have been affected by severe storms and fires over the past few years - from wildfires in California and floods in Texas, to tornadoes in Mississippi and hurricanes in Florida. As they ride through these places, Hope and Scott plan to share the stories of how Week of Compassion is here in times of need.

Hope has said when she rides, it is like prayer. The rhythms of her pedaling, the rushing sound of wind, and the steady movement onward are meditative. "I ride with intention," she says, finding that in the solitude of a ride, she feels deeply connected to God and to others. On this ride, as they make their way across the southern United States, Hope and Scott carry in prayer and intention the thousands of people affected by disasters every year in the United States.

As Hope and Scott undertake this journey, we celebrate the ways we, as church, are able to be here for each other and for our communities - by our gifts, by our prayers, and sometimes by our bikes. We invite you to follow Hope and Scott's journey at www.wheelsofcompassion.org.  You can also donate to their campaign at this link!

Go Hope and Scott!  You'll be in our prayers!