Mexico Mission team to build for the Melendes Paniagua family

On Saturday our Mexico Mission participants will embark on their week-long mission trip.

They just received the info about their home build assignment. AMOR gave them this site because of an urgent need request from the mayor of Tijuana. There is a group of houses in a community near the border that were burned down recently and our group, along with a few others from camp are going to be rebuilding their home and the other homes in their community. Word has it the mayor may visit one of the days.

They'll be building for the Melendes Paniagua Family. There are six of them, all adults, living off of $66/week.

Pictured is the mother, Maria, who is 76.

Please hold the Melendes Paniagua family, as well as the Mexico Mission participants, in your thoughts and prayers over the next week!