Advent Sermon series: Unwrapped

Unwrapped: The Surprising Gifts of Advent

The theme for this Advent season is “Unwrapped.”  We will focus on some surprising gifts that come to us if we are able to be patient, still, and pay attention.  

Traditionally, when we think of Advent we immediately call to mind Mary, Joseph, and the angel Gabriel.  But in the Gospel of Luke, Zechariah and Elizabeth are the first two people we meet in the Advent narrative.  They’ll be our guides in this journey through Advent and will teach us about the living in the pain of unanswered prayers, the power of silence and simplicity, the blessing of life-giving relationships, and the promise of God to make a way, even when it seems no way is to be found.  

Nov 27
Unanswered Prayer
Luke 1: 5-7

Dec 4   
Silence and Simplicity
Luke 1: 8-23

Dec 11   
A Sense of Belonging
Luke 1: (26-38) 39-45, 56

Dec 18    
The Promises of God
Luke 1: 57-64 (67-80)